RISD Volunteer Application Form
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If you would like to be a RISD school volunteer, please fill out and submit the following two-part application form.

RISD has a strong commitment to keeping schools safe. Board policy GKG (LEGAL) allows for volunteer background checks. The information you submit will be used, in part, to conduct a criminal background check. If you are qualified to be a RISD volunteer, your name and contact information will be made available to the schools in which you have expressed an interest. Those schools will contact you directly according to their needs. Please allow five school days for your application to be processed. After that, contact the applicable schools if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support!
By completing and submitting this application, I am acknowledging that a Computerized Criminal History (CCH) check will be performed by accessing the Texas Department of Public Safety secure website and will be based on name and date of birth identifiers that I supply. Authority for Richardson ISD to access an individual’s criminal history data may be found in Texas Government Code 411; Subchapter F.
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