Do you know any super teachers? We're recognizing some of our top lessons and teachers from each grading period. View the guidelines below and nominate a super teacher.

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Our Mission

Outstanding teachers abound in RISD and we want to recognize them. The Super Teacher Award is set to honor outstanding Pre-K-12 teachers in RISD who exemplify innovative teaching and effective instruction that result in the No. 1 goal for us all—the best student learning possible.

What are the qualifiers? Well, innovative teaching and effective instruction operate hand-in-hand. Both are packed with strategies related to student engagement, approaches focused on student collaboration, technology integration, assessment methods—the list is long. And novelty is a key component.

Super Teacher nominees are accepted throughout the school year with winners recognized each of the nine-week grading periods on RISD’s academic calendar. We know our students do great things—now help us recognize the classroom crusaders who help them find their spark.

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The criteria for the Super Teacher Award of Excellence include:

  • Innovative and creative instructional approaches
  • Assumption of responsibility and initiative for personal professional learning…always seeking opportunities to get better and perform better in the classroom
  • Contribution to student learning
  • Self-Reflection – Reflective self-examination of practices and concepts to ensure the teacher is meeting the needs for the students
  • Effective use of technology (optional)
  • Collaborative nature…works together with other educators to solve problems and share successes
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Program Goals

  • Communicate the vision and culture of RISD to teachers and the value of innovative teaching and learning
  • Help improve teacher performance and effectiveness
  • Enhance student performance
  • Increase the retention of high performing teachers in RISD by actively recognizing their contributions throughout the school year
  • Promote, nurture, and support the personal and professional collaboration of teachers
  • Create and foster an environment of support and collegiality for teachers both at the campus and district-wide levels that connects them to the RISD Professional Learning Community while promoting professional growth and quality instruction
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Nomination Process

  • Complete an online Google application with a detailed description of the teaching innovation and its impact on student learning
  • Provide a summary of the teaching practice
  • Include a video of the innovative lesson (optional)
  • Applications will be reviewed each 9 weeks
  • A Super Teacher Award of Excellence rubric will be utilized as part of the selection process to determine scope of the innovation, including scope of impact (e.g. , student engagement, student feedback, and student performance)
  • A copy of the scoring rubric will posted online
  • Recipients and their campus principals will be notified of their selections
  • Recipients will be invited to luncheon hosted by the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent
  • A Super Hero Round-up comprised of Elementary and Secondary Executive Directors of Instruction and Operations will deliver a Super Teacher T-Shirt, Wall Plate and gift bag
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