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2013 ACT Scores – RISD Continues to Exceed State and Nation
Scores from the ACT college entrance exam were released today for the Class of 2013. RISD scores continued to exceed the state and nation in all areas measured (English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, Composite). In addition, the percentage of RISD students taking the exam again increased, reflecting the national trend of supporting college and career readiness initiatives by encouraging administration of the ACT to all students, not just those who are preparing to go to college.

  RISD Texas U.S.
English 20.9 19.8 20.2
Math 23.1 21.5 20.9
Reading 22.2 21.0 21.1
Science 22.2 20.9 20.7
Composite 22.2 20.9 20.9

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