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Record Year at Market in the Meadow

February 2, 2017

33rd Annual Forest Meadow JH Event Reaches All-time High

It’s a two-day event that hosts 160 vendors, is staffed with over 400 volunteers, and welcomes thousands of shoppers from all over the Metroplex. What is it? Market in the Meadow at Forest Meadow Junior High School in Lake Highlands, and when it concluded in late October, what did the committee do the very next day? Start planning for 2017, of course.

“We start planning for the next one as soon as the current year’s event is over,” says Kathleen Elliott, committee chair for the school’s 33rd annual market. “Kristi Kendall, assistant chair for the event, is taking over my role next year and has already handpicked her committee.”

Historically Market in the Meadow raises about $50,000 at each event. Kathleen estimates that the 2016 market will net closer to $60,000.

“It’s solely because of Dee Ann Baggett's ability to secure nearly twice in underwriting from sponsors as last year,” says Kathleen. “Dee Ann served as underwriting chair and did a phenomenal job!”

Last year’s Market in the Meadow leadership was comprised of 26 moms and dads who all have students at Forest Meadow. Their coordination and planning for this event was hands-on to say the least – or as Kathleen affectionately called it, “An all skate!” Here’s why:

“Together we are raising much-needed funds for the school to close the gap between what’s needed and what’s provided from the state.”

- Kathleen Elliott, committee chair

Tasks included (but are certainly not limited to) readying the building, working vendor check-in, welcoming shoppers, staffing Charger Café where everyone enjoys lunch, working raffle and popcorn sales, assisting with hospitality for the 160 vendors, baking for the bake sale, monitoring parking… and the list goes on.

“We used pretty much every volunteer who showed up and then some,” explains Kathleen. “Plus, the committee is on hand at the event for the entire weekend.” In the past, funds have been used for technology, supplemental departmental (math, science, history, language arts, foreign language, art and music) supplies, front office upgrades and renovations to athletics storage.

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According to Kathleen, the disbursements committee will meet in March to determine how the funds raised will be spent.

“We work hard to get this thing done,” she says. “Together we are raising much needed funds for the school to close the gap between what’s needed and what’s provided by the state.”

Stay tuned for updates about those designated projects – coming late spring to Forest Meadow.