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The mission of Richardson Independent School District is to serve and prepare all students for their global future. Providing students with profound curriculum, student-focused teachers, and interesting and varied extracurricular opportunities all contribute to engaging students in their educational life.

Academic Success
Academic achievement is paramount to successfully preparing students for the 21st century. With this in mind, RISD recognizes the unique potential of each student and provides curriculum and instruction to prepare each student for his or her future.

As students progress to junior high and high school, their opportunities for learning expand. Many  resources are available to assist students in navigating through these secondary grades, including: Extracurricular Opportunities
School extracurricular activities and involvement in clubs and organizations help students develop a connection to school and are important in fostering self-esteem, teamwork, and positive social interaction.

RISD offers a wide array of extracurricular opportunities in athletics, arts, academics, and more. Each campus facilitates such opportunities and is the first place to inquire. Additionally, information can be found through the following district departments:
RISD Communications
400 S. Greenville Ave.
Richardson, Texas 75081
Fax 469-593-0302
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