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City of Richardson  
Excellence in Education
Inside RISD
Partners Program
Richardson Chamber
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Volunteer Opportunities
The Richardson Independent School District community is made of the cities of Dallas, Richardson and Garland. (60 percent of RISD is in Dallas, with 35 percent in Richardson and 5 percent in Garland.) Through these cities, the district enjoys a long tradition of community support and embraces its role as a trusted public institution and major area employer.

Areas of Community Interest
Inside RISD
Developed as an opportunity for community members and parents to learn more about the district, Inside RISD has become a highly-regarded opportunity to meet district personnel, visit district facilities, and learn more about RISD. This year-long session meets once a month throughout the district. Learn more.

Volunteers in RISD make a difference daily. Each year, community volunteers share their talents in many ways, from tutoring one child to assisting in decisions that affect all students. Learn more.

Community Involvement
A multitude of local businesses and organizations support RISD schools in a variety of ways. Some community partnerships are developed through the district’s Partners Program or Excellence in Education Foundation while others are initiated directly through a school principal or PTA.

Partners Program
The RISD Partners Program is a way that businesses and community groups can support one or more RISD schools or programs through volunteerism and/or donations.

If you would like to find out more about becoming involved with one or more schools in our district, please visit our Partners Program web page.

Excellence in Education Foundation
The RISD Excellence in Education Foundation also provides a myriad of opportunities to support RISD schools through financial donations. We are grateful for the outpouring of support for both students and teachers received through this outstanding foundation.

For more information on RISD Excellence in Education Foundation, click here.
RISD Communications
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