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Board of Trustees
School boards and superintendents work as a team. In RISD, the Board of Trustees sets the exemplary standards that best serve the interests of the children and patrons of the district. Working together, each has its own responsibilities: the board set policies and priorities and the superintendent and his staff carry out those policies.

RISD Board of Trustees Group Photo and Interim Superintendent Jeannie Stone
RISD Board of Trustees and Interim Superintendent

Role of the Board
Richardson Independent School District voters elect board members to serve three-year staggered terms ensuring that board membership includes experienced members. Service on the board is voluntary and members must complete extensive orientation as well as continued training through out their terms. RISD trustees exceed the number of state required hours of training year after year.

The Board of Trustees has the executive power and duty to govern and oversee the management of RISD. Acting as a collective body, the Board sets the direction for the school district. Some of the Board's general responsibilities include:

  • Setting district policies and supporting administrators and teachers in the execution of those policies.
  • Employing and evaluating the superintendent.
  • Adopting the annual budget.
  • Levying/collecting taxes and issuing bonds.
  • Performing specific duties imposed by the state.
Local Government Officers
RISD maintains the following list of its Local Government Officers in accordance with the requirements of section 176.007 of the Local Government Code.

Place 1 Jean Bono - Term expires 2018
Place 2 Kim Caston - Term expires 2018
Place 3 Kris Oliver - Term expires 2019
Place 4 Katie Patterson - Term expires 2019
Place 5 Eron Linn - Term expires 2019
Place 6 Justin Bono - Term expires 2017
Place 7 Kristin Kuhne - Term expires 2017

RISD Board Policy Manual
Click here to view the RISD Board policy manual.
Board of Trustees
400 S. Greenville Ave.
Richardson, Texas 75081
Board Members
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