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About RISD
Geographic Information
Richardson ISD covers 38.5 square miles and includes most of the city of Richardson, and portions of the cities of Dallas and Garland (60 percent of RISD is in Dallas, with 35 percent in Richardson and 5 percent in Garland). RISD is comprised of 55 campuses that serve more than 38,000 students. Including administration and support, RISD maintains 70 facilities covering more than 6 million square feet with 35 million square feet of grounds.

RISD Points of Interest Map
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General Information
Founded in 1854 to educate the children of local farmers, small business owners, and others who had settled near the railroad just outside of Dallas, Richardson schools have been a focal point of our community for over 150 years. Although the world has changed dramatically since railroads were the newest form of transportation across our country, the importance of a strong educational system that provides children with skills to be productive citizens in our society is still a priority for our community.

The Richardson Independent School District has a long-standing reputation for educational excellence, and our district is continually recognized at both the state and national levels.

RISD received a “Recognized” rating from the Texas Education Agency from 2006-2012, the largest, most diverse district in Texas to earn that rating over those consecutive years. In 2013, RISD received a Met Standard rating under the transitional STAAR-based accountability system.

For more information about RISD's awards and achievements, please review the District Achievements link on this page.

Our success can be attributed to the leadership of our elected Board of Trustees, the professional educators who work diligently to give every child the best education possible, and the support of our parents and community who value and set high standards for the children in RISD.
RISD Communications
400 S. Greenville Ave.
Richardson, Texas 75081
Fax 469-593-0302
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