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How do you impact the future? How can you shape direction? How do you guide decisions? All three questions can be answered with one word—vote.

Voting is one of the most important rights maintained as American citizens. It is an opportunity that past and present generations have fought to preserve. Exercising that privilege is a guaranteed way to ensure your voice is heard in governmental matters. But you have to be a registered voter to participate in the process.
Learn About the Power of Primaries

Power of Primaries

Primary elections are fast approaching on March 6. Why is the primary so important? Primaries are the opportunity to choose who will be on the Democrat, Green, Independent, Libertarian or Republican party ballot in November. Candidates must earn more than 50 percent of the primary votes to advance to the general election in November. If none win a majority, a runoff takes place between the two candidates with the most votes.

In our state, primaries have generated a historically low voter turnout of 4-6 percent. Translation—fewer than 10 percent of Texans are choosing who represents us in legislative and statewide offices. So, the primary sets the stage.

Important Upcoming Dates

Don’t miss dates

Casting your ballot is simple but you must register before arriving at the polls. A few clicks of the mouse are all it takes but cutoff dates are looming:

February 5

Voter Registration Deadline
Register to Vote

Feb. 20 – March 2

Early Voting Dates
Early Voting Info

March 6

Primary Election Day
Election Day Info


Richardson ISD school board members adopted a resolution Jan. 9 to support the culture of voting. It establishes a charge for increased awareness amongst staff, students, families and our communities with regard to voting importance, voting locations, and candidates' stance on public education.

Become more familiar with the state of public education today. Formulate your own viewpoints. Register to vote and help shape tomorrow.

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