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Accelerating Campus Excellence
Accelerating Campus Excellence—commonly referred to as “ACE”—is a game-changer for Richardson ISD. ACE is a program geared to bolster academic performance through efforts far-beyond just those in the classroom. Extended-day offerings, social and academic skill-building, teachers and staff identified and specifically matched to connect with students and families are all part of a bold shift in culture with demonstrated success.

ACE will tear down the barriers hindering students and teachers at RISD’s highest-need campuses.
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ACE Program

Four RISD schools—Carolyn Bukhair Elementary, Forest Lane Academy, RISD Academy and Thurgood Marshall Elementary—will implement ACE this summer as the 2018-19 school year begins. The district is just the third in Texas to implement ACE. Dallas and Fort Worth ISDs have worked the program successfully and provided an educational environment for students at high-poverty schools to achieve consistent academic success.

What can ACE students and parents expect? Under the ACE model, many hurdles to student learning are removed while academic, social/emotional, nutritional and support needs are met. The school day at ACE campuses will be extended, as will before- and after-school programming hours. Students will be provided uniforms, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tutoring and academic support will be built into daily and weekly schedules.

A major component of ACE is a process referred to by the Texas Education Agency as “reconstitution.” The reconstitution process means that all professional and paraprofessional positions at each of the four schools will be reopened before the 2018-19 school year begins. This will allow RISD to provide incentives for educators who maintain a demonstrated track record of student growth to add their tailored teaching styles to an ACE campus. Staff members at the four transitioning campuses will be among those considered. If not selected, they will be welcomed at another RISD campus, as long as individual performance standards are met.

Upcoming Announcement

RISD launches and celebrates four new Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) schools.

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Program Benefits

Extra Hour of Instruction
School Open until 6PM
Free Dinner Provided Daily
Time to do Your Homework at School
Enrichment Programs
College Prep Opportunities
Small Group Tutoring
After School Activities
Student Clubs

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The ACE model will be implemented at Carolyn Bukhair, Forest Lane, RISD Academy and Thurgood Marshall elementary schools for the 2018-19 school year. Hiring decisions in education begin in the spring for the following school year that begins in August. Since the ACE model includes the reconstitution of the majority of staff members at these schools, most hiring decisions will be made this spring at these and other RISD schools for next school year.

Each of the selected campuses has struggled to meet or maintain state standards for multiple years and rank among RISD’s highest-needs schools in terms of student poverty and socioeconomic barriers to academic success. Significant need exists to consistently improve academic performance and accelerate academic growth at the four schools.

Yes. ACE schools may have central programming as determined by campus and district needs.

As part of the implementation, a maximum number of teachers from each RISD school has been established that would be permitted to choose to move to an ACE school. This will allow interested teachers to pursue the opportunity while also maintaining the culture and quality instruction that children have received at those schools.

Additionally, a number of qualified and developed RISD teachers will be available from the four ACE-identified campuses who will be more experienced and of higher quality than most candidates who would be applying from outside RISD or directly from college.

ACE implementation is projected to cost approximately $3.2 million in the first year, which includes startup costs. The cost in subsequent years is projected to be approximately $3 million per year.

The cost of ACE will be funded primarily through reallocations within the existing RISD operating budget.

In the fall, Dr. Stone implemented an internal RISD reorganization of the Curriculum and Instruction department with the goal of aligning RISD’s C&I to a PK-12 model. One effect of the reorganization is projected operating cost savings, as a number of central support positions are being reallocated to campuses for 2018-19.

RISD is pursuing grants that, if received, would help offset the cost. In addition, if additional funding is received from philanthropic organizations in support of ACE, it would also be used to help offset the cost.

No. Due primarily to the cost of the additional annual compensation for ACE teacher & staff, extended-day and meal-program support, per-student spending at ACE campuses is expected to be higher than the RISD average. This is currently the case across RISD (and beyond), as schools with higher-poverty student populations typically receive additional federal funds.

The initial additional compensation length is annually for three years, assuming performance evaluations are met. After three years, the ACE program will be re-evaluated, including additional levels of compensation.

No. Employees currently at ACE-identified schools who meet normal performance standards will be guaranteed a position in RISD for 2018-19. That position could be at an ACE school or a different RISD school, but not at a reduced salary.

Yes, all current employees at ACE-identified schools can apply to return to work under the ACE model next school year. As part of the ACE model, educators hired to work at an ACE campus should be able to demonstrate a track record of student academic growth.

Staff survey data indicated a substantial number of current educators at ACE-identified schools were interested in working at a different RISD campus next year. Part of the ACE model is designed to staff ACE campuses with educators who have a desire to be at that campus.

For teachers at current ACE-identified schools, Human Resources is holding an event on April 14 specifically for them to learn about opportunities at other RISD campuses, including the chance to meet with elementary principals from across RISD to determine what campus would be a good fit for them. Beyond that event, principals at all campuses will determine their own schedule for interviews with candidates for open positions on their campus.

If a current teacher at an ACE-identified campus does not apply to another RISD school, they will be placed in a position based on qualifications and certifications.

Yes. Current teachers at ACE-identified schools who are in good standing related to performance evaluations will be preferred candidates at other RISD campuses. They are well-developed RISD educators who will be valuable additions to other schools.

The four ACE principals will make hiring decisions from among teachers interested in working under the ACE model. No teacher will be placed or forced to work at an ACE campus – it will be each educator’s choice to apply and ultimately accept if an employment offer is made.

Based on student performance data, RISD identified a list of high-growth teachers from across the district and has invited them to consider applying to an ACE campus. All RISD teachers are eligible to apply, and the ACE principals making hiring decisions will be looking for educators with a demonstrable track record of student growth, with an emphasis on students with higher needs. Data is used to identify teachers whose students surpass and outpace expected levels of success during the period that teachers have them.

No. The formal school day at ACE schools will be extended by one hour. Free before and after-school programming will be offered to students, provided by the RISD xPlore program and/or third party provider(s). Teachers who are interested may choose to work additional hours in the before- or after-school programs, for additional compensation.

That is dependent on the principal’s hiring choices and may vary at each school. Under the ACE model, all employees (including principals) are required to re-interview for a position if they wish to return to work under the model.

Professional Position Stipend Amount Payout #1 (Sept. 2018) Payout #2 (Dec. 2018) Payout #3 (May 2019)
Principal $15,000 $3,000 $6,000 $6,000
Assistant Principal $12,000 $2,400 $4,800 $4,800
Teacher $10,000 $2,000 $4,000 $4,000
Instructional Coach/Interventionist (Math-Literacy)/Assessment-Data Coach/Student Culture Coach $7,000 $1,400 $2,800 $2,800
Counselor $5,000 $1,000 $2,000 $2,000
Librarian/LITE/Nurse $5,000 $1,000 $2,000 $2,000
Paraprofessional Position Stipend Amount Payout #1
(Dec. 2018)
Payout #2
(May 2019)
Executive Assistant I $1,500 $750 $750
Student Data Specialist $1,500 $750 $750
Special Education Aide $1,250 $625 $625
Aide I $1,000 $500 $500
Technical Assistant (CAI Lab) $1,000 $500 $500
Clerk $750 $375 $375
Library/LITE Assistant $750 $375 $375
Secretary I $750 $375 $375
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