School Times Now!

From:  Jim Nelson, Superintendent

To:      RISD Community

An increasing amount of loitering by young people has been occurring at RISD stadiums during football games. In most instances, those involved in such behavior are not RISD students and are not attending games with the intention of watching the game or participating in school activities.  Rather, large numbers of non-RISD young people have been attending games seemingly for the sole purpose of congregating in groups, which can lead to potentially dangerous situations.

In order to mitigate the number of non-RISD students attending RISD home football games, the district has adopted a new practice.

Effective 10/14/05, and for the remainder of the season, the district will require valid RISD high school student identification in addition to a valid ticket for admission to home football games. 

High-school-age individuals, who are unescorted by a parent or guardian, and do not have a valid Richardson ISD student identification will not be admitted to any game between two RISD high schools. 

The same policy will apply for entrance to the home side of RISD home games against non-RISD schools.

The district will continue to provide a substantial security and administrative presence at all home games, which will help ensure a safe and secure environment at RISD facilities, parking lots and property.

In addition, RISD students are again encouraged to make good decisions regarding conduct after the game and off district property. >Top

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