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News reports are filled with measures schools should take to protect students and staff in light of the recent school violence across the country. We are pleased to say that RISD has an ongoing safety program that supports best safety practices. The district has constantly-updated, comprehensive safety and security protocols in place to prevent and address emergency situations.

District administration continues to urge our students, staff and community members to report any suspicious activity or irregular behavior. Together these positive relationships can help defuse problems before they escalate.

A comprehensive summary of preparedness and response components is posted on the RISD website on the Safety and Security page.

Some highlights of the information found there include the following measures that are in effect at every RISD facility:

  • Access controls are in place at all campuses and all perimeter doors should remain locked during school hours with the exception of the main entrance.
  • Check-in procedures for visitors exist at each RISD campus during the school day.
  • All RISD secondary campuses, and most elementary campuses, have security cameras. The remaining elementary campuses are expected to have security cameras installed by the end of the year.
  • All secondary campuses have police officers present during the school day, and officers are available to elementary campuses as needed.
  • Canine units and portable metal detectors are used at secondary campuses as periodic, unannounced deterrents.
  • The district has a comprehensive emergency management plan and each campus has specific emergency action plans that address different scenarios.
  • All RISD administrators receive emergency response training.
  • RISD monitors, utilizes and contributes to best practices in emergency management.
  • The district meets on an ongoing basis with local emergency response agencies to coordinate preparedness efforts.
  • RISD has a full-time Safety & Security Coordinator who, along with members of the Student Services department, performs a wide variety of emergency mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery functions.

If emergencies of any type do occur, diligent planning, communication and preparedness are essential to effective resolution. RISD has plans in place to respond to any emergency.

Specific questions or suggestions may be directed to RISD’s Coordinator of Safety & Security Luther Robertson at

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