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The district is closing to the public both of its high school stadiums and also restricting public use of the B fields after several incidents of vandalism. Richardson High School's Eagle/Mustang Stadium has been vandalized four times in the last six months. Concession stands were destroyed, vendor merchandise was stolen and gates were damaged. Recently at Berkner High School's B field, vandals burned the artificial turf, causing about $40,000 in damage. Because the fields are covered in artificial field turf, it is not simply a matter of growing more grass, but of having to replace expensive areas of turf.

Effective Monday, October 2, stadiums will only be open for RISD or rental activities, and will be locked at all other times. The B fields at Berkner and Pearce will be open to the public from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, except when in use by the district. In addition, the district is considering more security cameras at all fields.
On Friday, Sept. 15, at Moss Haven's bi-monthly Round-Up, the entire school gathered in the cafeteria to sing and learn about "The Star Spangled Banner." They have been working to learn not just the words and how to sing the National Anthem, but also the historical events surrounding the writing of those words on September 14, 1814 by Francis Scott Key. Intermediate and upper students watched and discussed a presentation telling of the Battle at Fort McHenry and why Mr. Key happened to be on board a British (enemy) ship at the time. Intermediate students also worked cooperatively in an activity to find synonyms to some of the more challenging words in the song. This greatly increased their understanding of what they are singing! >Top
Red, white and blue and smiling faces too, were seen at Prairie Creek Elementary on Monday.  Following Principal Kyle Stuard’s lead, teachers and students wore patriotic colors and discussed the magnitude of the United States Constitution.  Kindergartner’s to sixth graders learned of the sacrifices our forefathers made to give us the country we have today and also how our Constitution has served as a great example for other countries to fashion their own.  Individual classes used power points, questions, quizzes and games to promote an understanding of this special document.

At left, kindergartners are decked out from head to toe in patriotic gear. >Top
Students at Forest Lane Academy received much needed school supplies last week from the University of Texas at Dallas athletic teams. The UTD Students Athletic Council (SAC), organized a school supply drive and competition between teams to determine which could bring in the most supplies.  Kim Suttermyer, head UTD softball coach and adviser for SAC, was proud to have her team donate the most.  Smiling faces, shown right, and many thank you’s were heard from Ms. Berk’s kindergarten class in appreciation for their new materials.  Way to go UTD, RISD is thankful for your continued support of our schools! >Top
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