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On the heels of this month’s exciting announcement that RISD has attained “Recognized” status per the Texas accountability system, the federal news is also good.

The Texas Education Agency today released its results on Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), the federal assessment tool for individual schools and districts resulting from the No Child Left Behind Act.

RISD is pleased that 51 of 55 campuses “Met AYP” for the 2005-2006 school year, including every elementary campus.  The RISD average of 93 percent of schools meeting the standards exceeds the Texas average of 81 percent. In addition, RISD as a whole "Met AYP."

Dr. Michael Strozeski, assistant superintendent accountability and technology said, “The federal government assesses student performance and participation in two additional categories compared to the state – special education and limited-English proficiency (LEP). Each of our four schools that ‘missed AYP’ did so in one or more of these additional categories.”

Schools that “missed AYP” include:

  • Forest Meadow Junior High School - Reading Performance and Mathematics Performance, LEP
  • Richardson High School - Mathematics Performance, LEP
  • Richardson West Junior High - Reading Performance, LEP and Special Education.
  • Westwood Junior High - Reading Performance, LEP

Just as in the state system, the federal assessment standards are being raised each year. Dr. Strozeski said, “Each year we examine all assessments as indicators of what we need to work on to make students successful. It should be noted that each of these schools was rated ‘Acceptable’ or ‘Recognized’ by the state, indicating that we are definitely headed in the right direction.”

Although RISD had four schools that “Missed AYP,” for 2005-06, their operations, funding and curriculum will not be affected.

For more information, please visit the TEA website at
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