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RISD's 2007-08 academic year begins Monday, August 27. Parents are encouraged to enroll students in advance at their home campus. Summer hours vary, so contact your school before you go.

To enroll your child in RISD, the following information is required:

  • The child’s Birth Certificate
  • The child’s Social Security Card
  • Proof of Immunization
  • Proof of Residency
  • Proof of withdrawal from the child’s previous school (if applicable)
  • Records from your child’s previous schools, (if applicable) >Top

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The annual Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) ratings have been released under the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). Under the NCLB system, schools and districts receive one of two possible ratings - "Meets AYP" or "Missed AYP."

The federal NCLB is an "all or nothing" system, which requires each demographic student group, within the overall student population, to meet a set standard. With seven student groups in four different categories, the federal system has a total of 28 indicators that contribute to the final rating. If one student group does not meet a standard, the entire campus or district is rated “Missed AYP.”

For one indicator, Reading performance of Special Education students, RISD as a district "Missed AYP" after falling one percentage point short of the standard.

"The primary purpose of any accountability system is to help districts pinpoint areas for improvement," said RISD Superintendent David Simmons. "In this instance, we'll work at the district level to emphasize progress for our special education students."

The federal NCLB system is not related to the Texas accountability system, under which RISD recently earned a rating of "Recognized" for the second consecutive year - the largest district in Texas to earn that distinction.

For a list of individual RISD campus AYP ratings, please click here.

For more information on NCLB or the Texas accountability system, please visit the TEA website at >Top
RISD is aware that extreme temperatures pose unique issues for outdoor athletic events and practices.

The following are precautions that RISD coaches, sponsors and administrators may employ to create the safest possible environment for student athletes during periods of excessive heat:

  • Stretch and do walkthrough drills indoors in the air conditioning.
  • Start practices early in the morning or in the evening.
  • Shorten practices.
  • Provide water in every drill.
  • Provide frequent water breaks - every 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Extend the length of water breaks.
  • Have walk-through sprinklers on the field.
  • Practice without helmets when possible.
  • Practice without shoulder pads when possible.
  • Have trainers prepared with water bottles and ice towels.
  • Weigh athletes before and after practice to monitor excessive dehydration.
  • Provide drinks that replenish electrolytes and nutrients.
  • Find or provide shade, if possible.
  • Shorten or eliminate conditioning at the end of practice.
  • Coaches and trainers closely monitor all athletes during practice for heat-related symptoms. >Top
Parkhill ESL teacher and soccer coach Oscar Borgarello won the national title for boys’ soccer in 1986 as a student, and after coaching for 20 years, Borgarello was ready for his team, North-Texas based team Andromeda, to be National Champions. Andromeda faced teams from all over the United States during the three day tournament in July at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco. It was a team from Milwaukee that Andromeda defeated to win the national title.

Three of the boys, Luke Joyner, Juan Bonigno and Reese Markman, attend J.J Pearce High School, with the rest of the team from surrounding districts. Although they live in different parts of the Metroplex, the team practices twice a week and plays games on weekends. Many select or club sports spend this much time together, but Coach Borgarello believes that "chemistry" makes this team unique.”
The roaring fans sitting on the sidelines would have to agree. At both ends of the field were supporters and family of team members. For those on the field, this is not an unusual occurrence since nothing fazed their footwork and great teamwork, essentials that the boys have learned from seven years of Borgarello’s coaching.  “[Coach Borgarello] really lets the game come to them,” said Pilar Verde, Juan Bonigno’s mother.

These boys play not for just the title of “National Champions” but also for the chance to play for some of the best colleges in the nation. After their four amazing games, only great things lie ahead for this team. >Top
Lake Highlands High School is one of just 11 schools in Texas selected by the O'Donnell Foundation to participate in the Create Schools of Music Excellence grant program.

The four-year program's mission is, in part, to establish 11 high schools as models of excellence in advanced music education in Texas.

For more information, please click here to read the notification letter.

Congratulations to LHHS Fine Arts! >Top
Richardson ISD is one of eight districts in Texas selected to participate in the First Lady's Family Literacy Initiative for Texas. The program, which will be administered through RISD's Family Center, will be used to make a new curriculum available to district parents called Parenting for Academic Success: A Curriculum for Family Learning.

For more information, please click here to read the press release. >Top
Don't forget that August 17 - 19 is the state's annual "sales tax holiday." Many items typically purchased by families to prepare for the new school year will be available without having to pay sales tax.

For a list of items included, please click here to look at the extended list. >Top
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