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A RECOGNIZED DISTRICT - 2006, 2007, 2008
Congratulations to Richardson ISD students, parents, teachers and staff for receiving a Recognized rating from the Texas Education Agency for the third consecutive year. RISD is one of the largest, most economically diverse districts in Texas to have earned the Recognized status.

Of its 53 campuses eligible for a TEA rating, 46 (87 percent) received either an exemplary or recognized rating for 2007-08, including all 40 elementary campuses.

RISD also met Recognized levels for student completion and drop-out rates, without having to take advantage of the state’s “School Leaver Provision,” which allows districts to temporarily bypass completion and drop-out requirements that would otherwise lower their rating. Overall, the rate at which RISD students passed TAKS tests continued to grow, as did the rate at which students passed TAKS at the commended level.

“I offer my sincere congratulations and gratitude to our students, teachers and staff members whose hard work, talent and time have resulted in RISD’s continued level of achievement,” said RISD Superintendent Dr. David Simmons. “While our students’ success on TAKS tests is important, it is also essential that we focus on the academic potential of every student, challenging each one to perform at his or her highest level.

“In addition, on behalf of RISD, I thank all our volunteers, community partners, area businesses and homeowners for their support throughout the year, with a special level of gratitude to our board of trustees and Council of PTAs. Strong public schools are a critical component to a quality community, and RISD students benefit greatly from the exceptional efforts of thousands of people in our community who support our schools."

Individual RISD campus ratings can be viewed here.

For additional information, please visit the Texas Education Agency website at
The safety of our students and staff is a top priority, and RISD’s goal is to be proactive, rather than be forced to react to a major incident involving a breach of campus security. Therefore, most parents, students and staff members returning to RISD campuses this year will notice some additional security enhancements at their school. Some campuses have been renovated to accommodate a more secure environment, and all campuses will follow similar security protocols, based on national best practices. The additional security measures will represent a change and may be considered inconvenient to some, but the end result provides a much more secure environment for students and staff.

Elementary campuses are expected to have all enhancements implemented by the first day of classes, August 25, while measures at secondary campuses are expected to be fully implemented during the first semester.

New campus security enhancements include:
  • Double buzz-in/secure vestibules. During the regular school day, except during the high traffic periods at the beginning or end of the school day, all visitors to a campus will be able to enter a building after being “buzzed-in” by campus staff who will remotely unlock the outside door. (Cameras and intercoms will allow campus staff to verify each visitor’s reason for being at the campus.) Once inside the building, visitors will be in a secure area and must follow identification and sign-in procedures. Upon verification, campus staff will grant access to the building. During the high traffic periods before and after school, entrances will be staffed by building personnel.

  • Elementary, front entrance drop-off. Parents, siblings or other persons bringing their elementary student to school in the mornings will need to drop-off their child(ren) at the front entrance of the school. No one will be permitted to walk with the student through the school to their classroom. Instead, goodbyes should be said in the area inside the front entrance, which is staffed by campus personnel. This security measure allows campuses to know what visitors are inside their building at any given time, and is the best way of maintaining a secure building. Campus staff will escort students to their classrooms if necessary.

  • Employee electronic keycard access. All employees will enter buildings using their new identification badge, instead of previously-used steel keys. Electronic locks will enable employees to use their badge to enter their campus at designated entrances.

  • Exterior door sensors. All exterior doors will be equipped with sensors that will alert appropriate personnel if opened or left ajar.

  • Additional motion-activated security cameras.
The new infrastructure associated with these measures will allow campus administrators and/or district security personnel to be able to remotely monitor or control virtually any aspect of safety and security on campus in real time.

RISD thanks students, parents and employees for their understanding as these new security enhancements are implemented for their safety.
The Network of Community Ministries, RISD Communities in Schools staff, The First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park, The Lake Highlands Women’s League, and several Lake Highlands High School volunteers, have been working hard to help prepare for the Second Annual Back to School Rally for RISD students in need.

With bags donated by Jason’s Deli, school supplies are sorted for individual students invited to the Rally.

We want to help as many RISD students in need as possible, and it’s not too late to help! Join our community partners from all over the Dallas metroplex and, please consider donating school supplies, backpacks, and/or volunteering your time.

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