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While this year’s graduates are preparing for college or the workplace, more than 34,500 other students within RISD are preparing for their first day of the new school year, Monday, Aug. 14. Pictured above are the RISD 2006 valedictorians and salutatorians. They are from left: Richardson High’s salutatorian Maria Jourdan Malphurs and valedictorian Mindy Du; Lake Highlands High's valedictorian Leila Alderman and salutatorian Callie Gittemeier; Pearce High's valedictorian Reese Mathieu and salutatorian Richard Marcus; Berkner High's salutatorian William Paul Vijverberg and valedictorian Alexander Weichung Lue.
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2006-2007 Calendar (PDF)

Richardson Independent School District encompasses approximately 38.5 square miles in the cities of Richardson, Dallas and Garland. Fifty-five schools house approximately 34,500 students in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grades. To attend RISD, Kindergarten students must be 5 years old on or before Sept. 1 of the current school year and the student and one parent/guardian must be a resident of the district. First-grade students must be 6 years old by Sept. 1 of the current year unless the child has completed public kindergarten in another state/country or has been receiving public first grade instruction in another state/country.

Enrollment occurs at your child’s attendance area school Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. The first day of school for 2006-2007 is Monday, August 14, but enrollment should be completed as soon as possible. RISD does not accept students living outside the district on a tuition-paid basis. Bell schedules are listed on page 8. Call the administrative offices at 469-593-0000, or visit for more information.

To enroll your child in RISD, the following information is required:

• Birth certificate
• Your child’s Social Security Card
• Proof of Immunization
• Proof of Residency
• Proof of withdrawal from your child’s previous school
• Records from your child’s previous schools.


To be eligible for the district Pre-Kindergarten Program, a child must be 4 years old on or before Sept. 1 of the upcoming school year. Additionally, English must be assessed as the second language spoken in the home, and/or the child must qualify for the free/reduced lunch program. To enroll your child in Pre-K, contact the school in your attendance area or call the Pre-K office at 469-593-3220. The Pre-School program is not provided at all RISD schools.

Please contact the RISD Child Nutrition Department at 469-593-0111 for information on free and reduced-charge lunch programs. >Top

RISD offers a full instructional day of kindergarten to eligible students. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of full-day kindergarten to better prepare children for first grade.

Enrollment dates and times may be obtained from your home attendance school. >Top

Some RISD elementary schools offer an extended-day program which is usually provided by an outside organization for a reasonable fee. Several junior high schools also offer after-school classes. Check with your child’s school for availability and specific class options. >Top

Richardson Independent School District is on track to receive a “Recognized” rating from the Texas Education Agency for the first time in the 13-year history of the ratings. Texas districts earn ratings of Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable or Academically Unacceptable based on TAKS scores and other factors.

Scores from the 2006 Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), showed significant gains in several areas of assessment throughout the district. Although ratings are not official from the state until August 1, the district is planning a celebration of the upswing in achievement at the annual Convocation on Aug. 10.
Preliminary numbers from the testing show that about 90 percent (or 38) of the district’s 41 elementary schools will receive the Recognized or Exemplary rating, up from 23 last year, and 15 in 2004. In addition, the number of RISD secondary schools with Recognized ratings should increase.

The Dallas Morning News reported, “The district’s passing rates have been inching upward for years despite increasing numbers of students who are traditionally at risk of failing, such as those who speak limited English or are economically disadvantaged.”

The district tracks each student individually with a number of benchmark assessments that allow teachers to determine throughout the year exactly where students need to g row academically. Teaching is then geared toward making certain that all concepts are learned before proceeding to the next level.

Interim Superintendent Patti Kieker said, “We are thrilled that the systemic changes over the past few years have resulted in more success for our students. We will continue the good work, with the help of parents and the willingness of the students to learn and achieve.” >Top


Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (DTP/DtaP/DT/Td) Every student 3 years old must enter with a minimum of four doses. Every student 4 years old must enter with four or five doses, with at least one dose given after the fourth birthday. Every student in Kindergarten through 12th grade must enter with four or five doses, with at least one dose given after the fourth birthday. Students who started their vaccinations after age 7 are required to have at least three doses of a tetanus/diphtheria-containing vaccine (any combination of DT,Td,DTP or DTaP is acceptable). A booster is required every 10 years.

Polio (OPV/1PV) Every student from 3 through 4 years old must enter with a minimum of three doses. Every student in Kindergarten through 12th grade must enter with three or four doses, with at least one dose given after the fourth birthday. The Polio vaccine is not required for individuals 18 and older.
Measles (Rubeola) Every student 3 years old must enter with one dose on or after the first birthday. Every student 4 years old through 12th grade must enter with two measles doses with the first dose on or after the first birthday. Only serologic confirmation (laboratory report) of immunity is acceptable in lieu of vaccine.

Mumps Every student 3 years old through 12th grade must enter with one dose on or after the first birthday. Only serologic confirmation (laboratory report) of immunity is acceptable in lieu of vaccine.

Rubella Every student 3 years old through 12th grade must enter with one dose on or after the first birthday. Only serologic confirmation (laboratory report) of immunity is acceptable in lieu of vaccine.

Haemophilus Influenzae Type B (Hib) Requirement is one dose for ages 15 months through 4 years old, unless a schedule for a primary series and booster was met by 15 months old. Not required after 5 years old. Physician-validated date of invasive Hib disease after second birthday may substitute for vaccine requirement.

Hepatitis B Three doses are required as follows; 2006-2007 and thereafter: All students 3 years old through grade 12. In all cases, only serologic confirmation (laboratory report) of immunity is acceptable in lieu of vaccine.

Varicella (Chickenpox) One dose received on or after the first birthday is required as follows; 2005-2006: 3 years old through grade 5, and grades 7 through 11. 2006-2007 and thereafter: All students 3 years old through grade 12. In all cases, acceptable documentation of immunity includes one dose of vaccine on or after the first birthday; or written validation from the parent or physician providing the approximate date of the varicella illness; or serologic confirmation of varicella immunity. If first dose is given after the 13th birthday, two doses are required.

Hepatitis A This two-dose series is not required at this time, but is recommended and may be required in the future.

Information regarding a student’s immunizations, health information, diagnosis, and medical treatments will not be released by your health care provider to your school nurse, who will require this information to meet district and state regulations. The responsibility will fall on parents to obtain this information directly from their health care provider and bring it to their school nurse.

Your cooperation in quickly providing any health information that is requested by the school nurse will be greatly appreciated. >Top


Color us ready! Look below or access the RISD home page at /parents/school_supplies to view the standardized elementary school supply list for 2006-2007. All schools will be using this specific list as is or with a few minor additions or deletions. Check with your school for specifics.

For your convenience, many PTAs have school supply sales that offer pre-packaged supplies. These supplies can also be purchased individually at local retail stores.


General Supplies

• Cleansing Tissues
• Crayons (16 colors)
• Manila Paper - 12 x 18 (about 50 sheets)
• Scissors - sharp point
• Ruler (inch and centimeter)
• White Glue
• Pencils - #2 lead (Some first grades may use beginner's manuscript.)
• Grade Level Supplies

Kindergarten - Supply Box (Required by some teachers)

First Grade - Handwriting Paper (1/2" guideline); Supply Box

Second Grade - Handwriting Paper (1/2" guideline); Supply Box

Third Grade - Handwriting Paper (1/2" guideline); Loose Leaf Paper - Standard Rule; Index Card Box/Cards/Alphabetical Tabs

Special Supplies

• Loose Leaf Notebook/Dividers (colored tabs)
• Notebook Folders (pocket/brad)
• Writing Pens/Protractor (5th & 6th grades only)
• Map Colors/Compass (5th & 6th grades only)
• Construction Paper/Graph Paper (small package)
• Red Checking Pen/Plastic Zipper Bag or Pencil Box
• Box of Water Colors/Assignment Pad
• Manuscript Tablet (7/8" or 15/16" guideline) - Required by some first-grade teachers

Secondary students will receive lists from their individual teachers. >Top

Bus transportation is provided for all students living two or more miles from the school they attend, for those in certain special education programs, and for those participating in a variety of extracurricular activities. For information about specific bus routes, call RISD Transportation at 469-593-5809 or 0090, or contact your child’s school. >Top

In an effort to say thank you to senior community members, the school district is once again offering special discounts through a Senior Citizen Card for those 55 and older. Cardholders will have access to free admission to any school activity except varsity football (UIL rules). The card may be used for admission to all RISD home activities and many RISD athletic competitions in neighboring cities.

Register for the card at the Athletic Department, Administration Annex, 400 S. Greenville Ave. or call 469-593-0124. You must be 55 or older, a resident of RISD and be able to produce a valid driver’s license. Cards do not expire. >Top
During the first week of school, each student should receive a Student-Parent Guidebook and Student Code of Conduct handbook for the 2006-2007 school year. This two-part booklet explains admissions, attendance requirements, grading, student programs and academic performance, discipline management, school records and parental responsibilities, general information such as weather closings, field trips, health services, lockers, etc., and the standards for student conduct.

Students are asked to take the handbooks home so that parents/guardians may become familiar with practices and policies within RISD. Parents are encouraged to read the entire handbook to better understand the partnership between home and school. This partnership is an important ingredient of student success. >Top

Richardson Independent School District is making plans for the annual Richardson ISD College and Career Fair to be held on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2006. The University of Texas at Dallas will be hosting the College Fair on their campus at 800 W. Campbell, Richardson.

More than 200 colleges and universities from across the country will send representatives to meet with Richardson students, grades 9-12, and their parents. 

Opportunities are available for exploring college choices based on individual needs and interests. A variety of educational sessions allow participants to learn about financial aid, NCAA, career opportunities, essay writing for applications and scholarships, services for students with disabilities and much more. 

Information sessions will be held from 4:15 - 5:00 p.m. and from 5:15 to 6:00p.m. Visits with the college representatives may occur from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Bus service will be provided from each of the four high schools throughout the evening. 

Mark your calendars now and let your friends and neighbors know about this great community event, sponsored by Richardson ISD, University of Texas at Dallas, and the RISD Council of PTAs. >Top
The City of Dallas is hosting the 2006 Mayor's Back To School Fair on Thursday, August 3 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Fair Park. Income-eligible families that reside within Dallas city limits can attend and receive free school supplies, health screenings, social services and more. For more information, and for pre-registration locations, visit the City of Dallas Web site at>Top
The RISD Secondary Summer Program served more than 2,000 students in June and July.  Some students use the program to make up or retake classes, while some use it to accumulate additional credits or engage in advanced studies.  The Lake Highlands Freshman Center is one of the Summer Program sites. >Top

School lunches are available for purchase daily at all RISD schools. The student plate lunch in the elementary school costs $2.00 and consists of an entrée, two side dishes and milk. The secondary student lunch consists of an entrée, three side dishes and milk, and costs $2.15. Adults pay $2.50.

Elementary and secondary grade levels may choose from a variety of their favorite entrée dishes and fresh fruits and vegetables. Each day, students may also purchase fruit juices, baked chips, ice cream and fresh baked desserts. Menus are analyzed and must meet nutritional guidelines set by the United States and Texas departments of agriculture. The meals served must not contain more than 30% total fat and 10% saturated fat. Dietary levels of protein, calcium, iron and Vitamins A & C are also monitored.
RISD participates in “,” an online site that handles prepayments of school meals. Parents may log on to the site directly or through the district Web site to deposit money into their child’s account, thereby eliminating daily lunch money being handled by the child. VISA, MasterCard and Discover cards are welcomed on the site.

Parents may view their child’s account balance and receive an automated e-mail notification on balance status. Parents are also able to view their child’s account history.
The Child Nutrition Department, serving approximately 16,000 plate lunches and 6,000 breakfasts to students each day, operates on a three-week-cycle menu. Annual menus are issued during the first weeks of school in elementary and at secondary registration tables.

All students are encouraged to have money in their cafeteria accounts in order to speed up the lunch lines. In addition to the online service described above, parents can pick up envelopes from their cafeteria manager to send money back to the cafeteria. Cash, check, or money orders can cover multiple students in a family at one school when so designated.

Nutritious breakfasts are also available to students for only $1.25. Adults pay $1.40.

Secondary students can visit the cafeteria table during registration where they can pick up menus, put money into their student accounts, find out their PIN, and be ready for breakfast and lunch on the first day of school. >Top

Grades K through 6

Grades 7 through 8

Grades 9 through 12

8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

9 a.m. to 4:10 p.m.

Some Magnet schools may have different schedules.
Please check with those individual schools. >Top
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