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class of 2009 graduates
All four RISD high schools held graduation ceremonies Sunday and Monday at the Special Events Center, sending approximately 2000 graduates across the stage to capacity audiences.

Most in the class will continue on to post secondary educational opportunities around the United States.

“As another academic year concludes, I’m particularly proud of the Class of 2009,” said RISD Superintendent Dr. David Simmons. “They represent the first RISD class, since adding freshman as part of our high school campuses, to have attended all four years of high school at their senior high campus, and it’s never easy being the first, especially as wide-eyed freshmen back in 2005. They collectively possess outstanding scholars and people, and their future is bright.”

Best of luck Class of 2009! >Top
Not Little Ones Anymore
Graduating seniors weren’t the only RISD students facing a new beginning, as elementary schools across RISD held sixth-grade graduations last week. Proud parents and relatives attended, recalling how recently it seemed when they were dropping their child off for their first day of kindergarten, and already thinking about their children’s transition to junior high next year. >Top
RISD’s Best of the Best Celebrated at Annual Top 10 Luncheon
RISD held its annual Top 10 Luncheon late last month, an event that celebrates the top ten academic finishers from each of RISD’s four graduating classes. Each of the 40 students brought with them their parents and single most influential teacher from their time in RISD, and had the opportunity to tell attendees why they made their choice.

Laughter and tears flowed as these extraordinarily high-achieving students thanked the teachers who helped them along their path.

Each student, as well as members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (a student advisory group that meets monthly with senior RISD staff) received watches, courtesy of Fossil.

Other event sponsors included Cadence McShane Construction, Pogue Construction, SHW Architects, and the Richardson Renaissance Hotel.
RISD’s Top 10 Graduates and their Most Influential Teachers include:
Berkner High School
Amber Chen - Jenna Gates (teacher)
Timothy Isaac - Gail Nobles (teacher)
Hiulam Kam - John Frensley (teacher)
Sarah Pullen - Scott Miller (teacher)
Giao Nguyen - Robyn Bray (teacher)
Kristen Graber - Milann Cooper (teacher)
Ethan Rohrer - Frank Troyka (teacher)
Michael Ledbetter - Erinn Wilcots (teacher)
Justin Ma - Craig Needham (teacher)
Monica Tong - Mark Davenport (teacher)

Lake Highlands High School
Alexandra Atalis - Jackie Farley (teacher)
Lyndsay West - Kelly Wallace (teacher)
Amy Bradley - Shannon Carlton (teacher)
Avery Atkins - Laura Schryver (teacher)
Austin Roth - Amy Craft (teacher)
Reid McCann - Scott Smith (teacher)
Kara Kearney - Jeff Bradford (teacher)
Kevin Wang - Frank Gidwani (teacher)
Michael Stradley - David Wood (teacher)
Kenzie Thompson - Cory Williams (teacher)
Pearce High School
Rachel Gandy - Dr. Bob Nelson (teacher)
Sonya Yun - Melissa Livings (teacher)
Alex Devine - Lance Belin (teacher)
Kevin Strong - Sean Dowlatshahi (teacher)
Zubin Teheran - Chad Lawson (teacher)
Drew Albert - Dale Ann Martell (teacher)
Lauren Burks - Mary Eisenmann (teacher)
Shelby Button - Jordan Cappetta (teacher)
Tina Nghiem - Ann Yeargan (teacher)
Rachel Thibodeau - Barbara Flickinger (teacher)

Richardson High School
Fahmida Musharof - Pat Hofeditz (teacher)
Christopher Nguyen - Becky Saba (teacher)
Bushra Salama - Chad Gilliland (teacher)
Igli Laci - George Hademenos (teacher)
Kimberly Schwartz - Amy Hammer (teacher)
Asja Begovic - Jeff Bivins (teacher)
Julie McKinney - Andy Martin (teacher)
Borui Wang - Bethany Konz (teacher)
Hayley Woodward - Janelle Lindley (teacher)
Alex Kollaja - Lindy Perez (teacher)
Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers for making this exceptional event possible. >Top
LHHS Senior Has Kept Her Eyes Skyward
As the Class of 2009 excitedly prepares for their next steps, Lake Highlands High School senior Lyndsay West aspires to greater heights than many.

She was a seventh grader at Forest Meadow Junior High when she first thought about becoming an astronaut. By tenth grade she was serious about pursuing Aerospace Engineering. During her junior year, she attended a father/daughter banquet in Lake Highlands of an organization called HATS – High Adventure Treks for Dads and Daughters. HATS is a nonprofit organization – a blend of the outdoor challenges of boy scouts and the father/daughter bonding of YMCA Indian Princesses. After graduating from HATS in ninth grade (graduation involves a two-week trek through Colorado with dad), Lyndsay did some volunteering for the organization, mentoring younger girls and inspiring them to believe in the fullness of their capabilities.
The keynote speaker for the HATS banquet was NASA Astronaut Dr. Sandra Magnus, and from that moment on, Lyndsay was hooked. Dr. Magnus (or “Sandy,” as she encouraged the girls to call her), shared her experiences preparing for space, overcoming her fears, learning new skills, and reaching for seemingly unattainable goals. Dr. Magnus recently returned to earth after several months on the International Space Station. (Read about her experiences here).

"Sandy encouraged me,” Lyndsay said. “I had read about her in magazines – she was a celebrity to me. She could talk about space first hand. She made me think my childhood dream could become a reality.”

Lyndsay attended summer boot camp at the Air Force Academy that summer. She came away just as sure about becoming an astronaut, and is looking forward to starting college at the University of Virginia in the fall.

She was recently named Salutatorian of LHHS’s Class of 2009 and was also this year’s captain of the LHHS Highlandettes drill team.

Best of luck to Lyndsay and the rest of the Class of 2009! >Top
Dobie Primary Celebrates Happy Hippy Day
Sixty-eight children and their families were honored in late May when Dr. Simmons awarded each parent and child a certificate for completing RISD’s Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (H.I.P.P.Y) program. Both the parent and child graduated from the program which is located on the Dobie Primary campus.

H.I.P.P.Y. has been an integral part of the Richardson Family Literacy Program since 1999 under the direction of Dr. Barbara Baird. The focus of this research-based curriculum and program is to prepare these children to be ready for the RISD educational opportunity and to prepare their parents to guide them to make the most of that opportunity throughout their years in RISD.

The families were delighted and proud that Dr. Simmons and Dr. Baird as well as Dobie Principal Kay Reynolds attended the ceremonies and congratulated each of the families on their achievement.  Kit Prince manages and directs the RISD Family Literacy Center. >Top
Elementary registration begins august 11
The 2009-2010 school  year begins on August 24.  Elementary parents are strongly encouraged to register their children in school prior to the first day of classes.  Parents can register at their home campus on Tuesday, August 11, through Friday, August 14, from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM.  Campuses will also be open for registration the following week, but schedules may vary.  Please contact the home school for registration hours.

Please bring the following documents for registration:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of Residence in RISD (gas, water, electric bill, or current lease)
  • Parent  Driver’s License
  • Current Immunization Record
  • Last Report Card
Every campus has limited capacity for each grade.  Waiting to register may result in a child being unable to attend their neighborhood school and assigned to another through RISD's Overflow Office.

Please contact your neighborhood school with any questions or visit >Top
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