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Vals & SAls 2010
On June 6 and 7, approximately 2,000 seniors will walk across the stage at the Special Events Center, 4999 Naaman Forest Blvd. in Garland, to receive their diplomas as the newest graduates of the Richardson Independent School District.

Leading these graduates will be the valedictorians and salutatorians, the two students from each high school with the highest class rankings:
Berkner High School
Ameesh K. Goyal, Valedictorian
David V. Truong, Salutatorian

Lake Highlands High School
Nathan A Hogg, Valedictorian
Joseph R. Zorn, Salutatorian
Pearce High School
Karen Chen, Valedictorian
Jennifer Ann Thompson, Salutatorian

Richardson High School
Andrew Sinclair Fuerst, Valedictorian
Jason Isaac Wardy, Salutatorian
Congratulations to all graduates! >Top
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RISD To Stream Graduations Live
For the first time, all four RISD high school graduations can be viewed over the Internet as they happen. Family and friends of students who are unable to attend graduation will still be able to hear their graduate’s name called and see them walk across the stage.

Live streaming will be available after that school’s graduation starts.

Sunday, June 6
Richardson High School – 1:30 p.m.
RHS's Live Streaming Page

Lake Highlands High School – 5:00 p.m.
LHHS's Live Streaming Page

Pearce High School – 8:30 p.m.
PHS's Live Streaming Page

Monday, June 7
Berkner High School – 7:00 p.m.
BHS's Live Streaming Page

In addition, students, family and friends can visit the page in advance to send anyone an electronic invitation with a personalized message. An eVite is not necessary to view any graduation.

There is no cost to view any of the live-streamed graduations or send an electronic invitation.

Graduation will be held at the Special Events Center, 4999 Naaman Forest Blvd, Garland. For directions, please visit>Top
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The Pineapple Pirates, Animal Quackers and others culminated a unique, semester-long project this week called Rubber Ducky Rescue. And, while it may sound a bit silly, these AP Physics Magnet students at Richardson High School are very serious about the design and performance of their aquatic robots.

Students were divided into seven teams in January and challenged to construct an aquatic robot using Lego components, run by power boxes, and maneuvered with IR receivers and remotes. The designs were each as unique as the team names.

"I like to sail so I suggested we use a catamaran design," said Martin Parker, who is also involved in the Robotics Magnet program at Richardson. "My robotics classes have given me a different perspective on how things work. One thing I've learned is that imagination and reality can be two different things."
The robots competed in four different activities in the water course arena, also known as the Pearce Natatorium: two time trials and two different rescue missions. In the rescue missions, the robots navigated to a capsized vessel with an assortment of survivors (varying sizes of ping pong balls) floating on the water surface, rescuing survivors and delivering them to the hospital (cordoned-off area in the pool).

"The idea came about from a STEM teacher workshop that I participated in last year at the Coast Guard Academy," shared George Hademenos, physics teacher.

"Dr. H. really gets us involved in our projects. He has the most creative lessons," said Muntaha Sheikh. Kathrine Seitz agreed, adding, "A lot of what we do is hands-on. With this project, it was fun to work together with our team." >Top
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In a close championship match, the Richardson ISD billiards team came from behind to defeat South Garland 28-27 and be crowned the 2010 BEF Texas State High School Billiard Champions. “By far, this was the most exciting finals match in our high school billiards history in Dallas,” said Earl Munson, BEF Sanctioned High School Program Director.

Berkner’s Cameron Ghoel made the winning shot to take the championship for RISD. He was heard saying, ”I got this!”

RISD Billiards team members represent three of the four RISD high schools. They are:
Cameron Ghoel, Berkner
Thien Nguyen, Berkner
Binh Nguyen, Berkner
Daniel Pautsch, Berkner
Omar Calderon, Berkner
Caitlyn Shuping, Pearce
Kohl Neal, Richardson
Jon Vo, Richardson
Nathan Pautsch, Richardson
Sam Jolly, a technology teacher at Berkner, was this year’s head coach for the RISD squad. Mr. Jolly was the first high school billiards team sponsor in the history of U.S. billiards, starting with his first team at Berkner in 2001. His co-sponsors are Christina Savage, Berkner, and Mike Hill, Richardson.

When asked to what he attributes his students’ success, Jolly said, “Training and team work and more training. We have scheduled drills which the kids have to go through before every practice or match. We also teach them geometry, physics, math, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and discipline. They practice their mechanics, timing, stroke, straight shots, and aiming along with the speed shot. Then when we turn them loose on a game, it’s for them to play utilizing everything they have been taught.”

Hill said, “Sam Jolly is the driving force behind the team. That said, we wouldn’t be anywhere without the dedication the students have shown.” >Top
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Photo courtesy of
Product Fairs were recently hosted by 4th – 6th grade students who participate in Intermediate REACH, the gifted program sponsored by the Richardson Independent School District. Presentations showcased the work these students have accomplished since the school year began.

This year’s theme for Intermediate REACH was “Horizons.” “During the year, students discovered how researching the past helps us identify patterns and trends of the present and thereby more accurately extrapolate the future,” said Dan Zellman, a REACH teacher at Bowie Elementary.

For these end-of-year presentations, students attending REACH at Skyview Elementary developed presentations about non-profit organizations, also known as NPO's. They were encouraged to extrapolate, investigate trends and patterns, and compare today’s events with past events in choosing their NPO.
"The students have become quite the advocates for their chosen non-profit organizations," said Kim Whitfield, a REACH teacher at Skyview.

Student presentations at Bowie focused on innovation. Each student researched a series of innovations and then created their own unique product. In addition to building a prototype of their product (made mostly of household recyclables), students prepared a fully realized “Owner’s Manual” and presented their products to parents and classmates in a live demonstration complete with a Q & A session.

“These very students are our problem solvers and the engineers of our future. Our health, environment, technology, and future success will be in their hands,” said Zellman.

As in every year, REACH stresses higher-level thinking skills and team building. Students are led through studies and exercises that include rationale, generalizations, WOW and QOW exercises, (Word of the Week and Quote of the Week) logic, brain teasers, reflection, independent study centers, and special interest classes. The Osborne-Parnes CPS (Creative Problem Solving) model, the “SCAMPER” creativity model, divergent/convergent thinking and a study of “synergy” were also part of this year’s curriculum.

Whitfield said, "Indeed, students have expanded their horizons and confirmed for themselves one of our generalizations this year - that yesterday affects today, as today affects tomorrow. The kids really seem to be more aware that they can be agents for positive change in their world. It's very powerful!"

Portions of this story courtesy of >Top
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RISD’s Maintenance & Operations department has begun re-lamping 90,000 fluorescent light bulbs across the district to save energy and maintenance costs. By moving from 32 watt bulbs to 25 watt bulbs, and each new bulb saving RISD 7 watts per hour of operation, savings of $60,000 are expected in the first year.

Reducing wattage, however, isn’t reducing light level. “Field trials and tests of the new bulbs showed slight increases in light levels, which is typical as new bulbs replace older bulbs that are near their expected end of life,” said Ed Sheftall, Project Manager and Energy Manager for RISD.

The last mass-installation of light bulbs occurred in 2002 with a lighting retrofit project. Because those light bulbs had a 7.7 year lamp life, this current re-lamping project was initiated at just the right time. Sheftall said, “We will once again have buildings on a common installation date, providing the opportunity for efficient re-lamping in the future, with the latest technologies available at that time. By re-lamping an entire building we also establish a common date of installation for all bulbs, allowing us to track any bulb failure and accurately pursue free warranty replacements.”
In order for RISD to properly recycle the old bulbs, a Bulb Eater system was purchased that crushes the old bulbs in an environmentally safe and controlled manner. Approximately 1,500 bulbs are recycled per 55 gallon drum used in this system. Full drums are collected by a company that extracts contaminants such as mercury as they separate the broken glass and metal materials.

The re-lamping project is moving quickly and is expected to be completed before the end of summer. >Top
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Pearce mixed double players Jeffrey Stulmaker and Julianne Jackson decided at the end of the season last year that they were going to play mixed doubles together and go all the way to win state.

During the fall season they went undefeated while playing a very competitive schedule. In post season, their only loss came in the regional tournament finals. Their strong performance, however, secured them a spot at the State Tennis Tournament. At state, they made it to the championship match, but lost in a heartbreaking third set tiebreaker to Waco Midway, finishing second.

"Julianne and Jeffery played doubles the way it should be played with talent, teamwork, determination and communication," said their coach, Jim Morrison.

Congratulations on an amazing season! >Top
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Can you believe that a school in the Richardson Independent School District raised over $65,000 for a school in Mexico? Well, through a program called "Read for Need" that is exactly what has happened.

In 2005 (my dad) Brent Barry went on a trip to the Socorro Rivera School in Juarez, Mexico with some school supplies.

At that time the school was run out of a broken down school bus and two run down school buildings. The kids there lined up to receive two pencils like it was the release of the newest game system. When they received just two pencils they wept for joy.
This led my father to action. He talked to the White Rock Elementary PTA and started this truly amazing program. "Read for Need" helps us work on reading, but also learn the importance of giving.

Here is how it works: we read books throughout a period of four weeks. We then get sponsors who give us a specific amount of money for each book/chapter we read, or they give us a flat donation. All of the money raised then goes to the children of the Socorro Rivera School in Juarez, Mexico.

The Socorro Rivera School is now the White Rock Elementary sister school.

The first year of "Read for Need" we raised money for the Socorro School to get a playground. The second year the money was used to give them a library. After that the money was used to give the children scholarships to continue their schooling past sixth grade. They now have ninety-five children in middle school and seventeen children in high school.

This year White Rock raised $11,970.28. Now, through all the years, over $65,000 has been raised!

"I think 'Read for Need' is a great program where kids build character by helping others. I am so happy that we do it. I always want to help people, but it is hard to start. 'Read for Need' has given me the extra push I need to help those kids in Juarez,” said Carol Ann Clark, a White Rock 6th grader.

"Read for Need" has given the Socorro children an opportunity to have a respectable job and status in life, and has taught the White Rock children to give, which is one of the best things you can ever learn.

Story by Hannah Barry, White Rock Elementary student. >Top
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Congratulations to Will Spence and DeMarcus Jackson, both from Richardson High School, for their success at the Track UIL State meet.

Will placed 2nd in discus and 3rd in shot put. He is Richardson High School’s first-ever dual competitor in the throwing events.

DeMarcus placed 3rd in the 100 meter dash and was the first RHS competitor in that event since 1980.

As a team, the boys tied for 4th place overall at the state meet. >Top
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Each year schools honor their teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, typically held the first week in May, with luncheons, flowers, and other special recognition.

This year, Northwood Hills Elementary decided to do something different. “We came up with an idea that involved every child in the school,” shared Leslie Douglass, NHE Hospitality chair.

PTA volunteers organized students from each class into letters and heart shapes, spelling out their appreciation, and then presented a unique photo or collage to each teacher. “The kids loved it and the teachers cried when they received their photos!” said Douglass. >Top
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District high school baseball and softball teams ended their seasons with many achievements and honors. Congratulations to the following teams and student athletes:

District 9-5A
Berkner Girls: Advanced to district playoffs
Berkner Boys: Co-District Champion, advanced to area playoffs
Lake Highlands Girls: Co-District Champion, advanced to district playoffs
Lake Highlands Boys: Area Champions, advanced to regional quarterfinal playoffs
Richardson Boys: Co-District Champion, advanced to area playoffs

Most Valuable Player: Chase Weaver, Richardson
Most Valuable Player: Erin Brennan, Lake Highlands
Pitcher of the Year: Stephen Spurlin, Berkner
Defensive Player of the Year: David Bloodworth, Lake Highlands
Defensive Player of the Year: Taylor Starnes, Berkner
Co-Defensive Player of the Year: Courtney Gilblom, Berkner
Offensive Player of the Year: Andrea Beard, Lake Highlands
Newcomer of the Year: Michael Ketchmark, Lake Highlands
Newcomer of The Year: Logan Kitchens, Berkner
Utility Player of the Year: Brooke Atkinson, Richardson
1st Team All-District, Boys:
Raul Castro, Berkner
Eric Schildt, Berkner
Judson Luther, Lake Highlands
Byron Burns, Lake Highlands
Blake Woodson, Lake Highlands
Cameron Bodell, Lake Highlands
Gerry Sifuentes, Richardson
Christian Cline, Richardson

2nd Team All-District, Boys:
Arman Naemi, Berkner
Dylan Porter, Lake Highlands
Chris Belew, Richardson
Josh Grady, Richardson
John Beggs, Richardson
Joey Schattle, Richardson
Chase Haddock, Richardson
Jordan Norrris, Richardson
1st Team All-District, Girls:
Tori Martinez, Berkner
Kourtney Chumbley, Berkner
Caroline Barber, Berkner
Caroline Pickett, Lake Highlands
Ashley Hudson, Lake Highlands
DJ Sandidge, Lake Highlands
Destiny Rojas, Lake Highlands

2nd Team All-District, Girls:
Christina Bright, Berkner
Sabrina Lowe, Berkner
Nikki Colson, Richardson
Coaches of the Year: Jason Wilson, Berkner; Kyle Hope, Richardson

District 10-4A

Pearce Girls: Advanced to district playoffs

Underclassman of the Year: Trevor Renfro, Pearce
1st Team All-District, Boys:
Sean Noland, Pearce

2nd Team All-District, Boys:
Sean Spicer, Pearce
Stephan Leask, Pearce
1st Team All-District, Girls:
Madison Boyer, Pearce
Nicole Aaron, Pearce

2nd Team All-District, Girls:

Kaley Haney, Pearce
Presley Owens, Pearce >Top
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“Buddy Fun Day is a day you’ll never forget,” remarked Ayero Tobias, a 4th grader at Carolyn Bukhair Elementary.

This memorable day, allowing students an opportunity to just have fun, included water slides, a challenge course, flag tag, water balloon sling shot, temporary tattoos, snow cones, and more. More than twenty stations were manned by Bukhair staff, volunteers from The Heights Baptist Church, Pearce Student Council members, and select Bukhair 6th graders. The event was organized by coaches Ron Crawford and Gregg Larimer.

Community support was vital to the event. To coordinate over 650 students, each was paired with a buddy – either a classmate or, for younger students, a Pearce high school student or Bukhair 6th grader. “We were all touched by how sweet our 6th graders were in working with our 1st graders,” shared Assistant Principal Melinda Schwartz.
In addition to the tremendous volunteer help, The Heights Baptist Church provided items for several of the stations, four water slides, snow cones and popcorn. “Pearce Student Council and The Heights provide us with support throughout the year, including Buddy Fun Day,” said Schwartz. “We don’t know what we’d do without them.”

Coach Crawford commented, “Our Buddy Fun Day shows what can be done when the school and community work as one.”>Top
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The RISD Excellence in Education Foundation congratulates the following scholarship recipients, who were honored at the 2010 Scholarship Breakfast:
Elizabeth Koepke - A.M. Anderson Scholarship recipient, $1,000 (Scholarship established to honor Mr. Anderson, the first principal of Lake Highlands High School, and awarded to a member in good standing of the National Honor Society of Lake Highlands High School.)

Jacob Lalanne - Blake Pinson English Scholarship recipient, $1,000 (Scholarship established in memory of Blake Pinson English and awarded to a student who will be studying nutrition, food science or culinary arts.)

Phat Do - Dr. Carolyn G. Bukhair Scholarship recipient, $1,000 (Scholarship established in honor of Dr. Carolyn Bukhair and awarded to an outstanding AVID senior.)

Amy Lanford, Rachel Moss, Christine Maiden and Conrad Vanlandingham - Giana Foundation Scholarship for the Visual and Performing Arts recipients, $5,000 per student (Scholarship established to honor graduating Pearce and Richardson seniors whose stated goal is to study visual and/or performing arts.)

Nicole Aaron and Karen Chen - Katie Richards Memorial Scholarship recipients, $1,000 per student (Scholarship given in memory of Katharine Wiley Richards, a Parkhill Junior High student who died of congenital heart disease at the age of 13 in 1995, and awarded to two outstanding Pearce seniors.)

Karen Chen
- Thompson Family Scholarship for the Study of Science and/or Engineering recipient, up to $4,000 (Scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who intends to major in Science and/or Engineering.) >Top
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As a part of the district's new strategic mission, North Junior High has embraced the value of innovation by designing a schoolwide, cross-curricular lesson around innovation for all of its 7th graders. Student activities included writing about inventions in language arts, delving into the importance of Texas inventors and innovators in social studies, and applying the scientific method to inventing and innovating in science.

“The lesson demonstrated how all subjects are intertwined. The lessons were direct, varied, and limited to a set time so students were changing activities and thinking skills throughout the day,” said Susan Templer, a 7th grade science teacher.

Hand-on projects included building bridges and designing a new product called the iPencil. Every classroom had students and teachers collaborating, problem solving, and excited about learning.

Connor Rennick, a 7th grader, enjoyed the unique lesson. He said, “It was fun to build bridges out of paper and see how much each could hold. We tried it several times and kept getting better.” >Top
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With summer just around the corner, many parents are looking for fun and engaging activities for their children. RISD Communications has compiled a list of summer camps and program opportunities for students. From athletics to arts, technology to theater, there are a variety of wonderful opportunities available.

Click here to find out more. >Top
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Prairie Creek’s Discovery Point
Prairie Creek Elementary students will have additional outdoor learning opportunities next year as ground was broken recently on Discovery Point, an outdoor learning center that is scheduled to be finished this fall.

The project is a public-private partnership that will utilize City of Richardson-owned land across the street from the school, and be constructed through the private donations of several community groups and many individuals.

For details, please see the press release. >Top
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Berkner High School
Kelsie Steeves and Danny Abraha posted a 7 and 3 mark in the prestigious St. Mark’s Cross Examination Debate Tournament for the 2nd seed in their group. Teams representing Texas, New Hampshire, Florida, Washington D.C., Arkansas, Georgia and Minnesota participated in the tournament. Congratulations to Kelsie and Danny on a great job!
Lake Highlands High School
LHFC choirs performed at the Meyerson recently and came home with a total of seven trophies. Each choir received a trophy for “Superior” performances, and then they each received another trophy for “Best in Class.” In addition, Chorale was named “Grand Champion” of the entire competition. Congratulations!

Senior Gymnast Hannah Van Meter traveled to Florida recently to compete in the Nationals meet. She placed 13th at Nationals, 8th on beam and 16th on bars.
Pearce High School
Congratulations to the Pearce Science Team for advancing to the state UIL Science competition. By being the highest scoring second place team of all state regions, they were able to compete in this prestigious contest. Caitlin Gilchrist, a Pearce senior, placed 3rd in biology. Matthew Fields, the team sponsor and PHS teacher, said, “The students showed tremendous effort as they competed at all of the events this year – their dedication to success is beyond belief. The students set a goal to go to state earlier this year and they worked hard to achieve that goal."

Earlier in the spring, the Pearce robotics team competed in the annual FIRST robotics competition, placing 4th overall at the competition. The team also won the Xerox Creativity Award for its unique wheel drive system. This award celebrates creative design, use of a component, or a creative or unique strategy of play. The team was also one of a select few who were able to meet Governor Rick Perry.
Congratulations to Pearce theater students for the Dallas Area Cappies awards they received at the Cappies Gala:
Props and Effects: Ian Jackson and Klaire Petre, Fiddler on the Roof
Costumes: Kendal Carse, Sophie Orlich, and Madeline Weiters, Fiddler on the Roof
Creativity: Ian Jackson, Technical Director "Dream Scene", Fiddler on the Roof
Orchestra: JJ Pearce Orchestra, Fiddler on the Roof
Ensemble in a Play: "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman" singers, A Piece of My Heart
Featured Actress in a Play: Marisa Huber, A Piece of My Heart
Female Dancer: Rachel Moss, Fiddler on the Roof
Male Dancer: Stephen Boyd, Fiddler on the Roof
Female Vocalist: Samantha Meril, Fiddler on the Roof
Supporting Actress in a Musical: Chandler Reeves, Fiddler on the Roof
Best Play: A Piece of My Heart
Best Musical: Fiddler on the Roof

Senior Megan Siebert placed 4th and Sophomore Kendal Howen placed 7th in the 3200 meter run at the UIL 4A State Championship Track/Field Meet in Austin.
Richardson High School
Congratulations to AVID Sophomore Daniela Ontiveros for being chosen as a speaker at AVID Summer Institute this summer. Only a few students are chosen from thousands of AVID student essays from across the U.S. As part of the honor, Daniela will also receive a $500 scholarship.

Great news for Richardson HS gymnast, Chase Hames. At the State High School Championship Chase won the silver medal in vault and floor exercise, bronze medals in high bar and pommel horse and placed 6th in men’s All Around. Chase has also qualified for the Junior Olympics next month. Good luck Chase!

Kassidy Testut and Conrad VanLandingham both were honored at the Young Minds Digital Times Film Competition, a national film competition. Kassidy’s short film, “This is Me,” was a Judge’s Choice winner. Conrad’s film, “Waiting - The Song & The Birds,” was the winner in the Young Filmmakers “Music Video Grades 9-12” track. Judge Dano Johnson called Kassidy’s film, “Very creative and a very enjoyable and entertaining film. One of the few I would like to watch again.” >Top
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Just two years ago, Northrich student Moises Gonzales found out that he had a malignant tumor in his liver. He is now in remission. In his honor, Northrich celebrates its second year of participation in the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. This year the school has raised over $3,000 for the cause.

LaShon Easter, principal at Northrich, said, “We want to participate in any activity that can help find a cure for cancer and honor the personal journey of cancer survivors.”

As part of the fundraising activities, Easter promised students that, if they raised $400, she would spend part of the day on the roof. They went beyond the $400 and Easter kept her word.

Relay For Life is an overnight, team effort to raise funds for the American Cancer Society’s programs and services. The event starts at dusk and ends in the morning hours of the following day. >Top
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