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At its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, January 9, the RISD Board of Trustees adopted an academic calendar for the 2006-2007 school year. The Board determined that it was in the best interests of the students of RISD to again seek a statutory waiver from the Texas Education Agency to allow instruction to begin before the week in which August 21 falls. As required by law, the Board conducted a public hearing and also sought public feedback over the course of several weeks. After the public hearing, the Board held a lengthy discussion of all issues related to the proposed calendar options.

The Board unanimously adopted Option 6, as revised, as the academic calendar for the 2006-2007 school year. The primary focus of the discussion was the desire to adopt a calendar that provided the most academically sound and instructionally strong schedule.
A number of factors were taken into account, including:

  • Semesters of relatively similar length;
  • Conclusion of the first semester prior to the winter break;
  • Periodic professional development days tied to a review of benchmark assessments;
  • Maximizing instructional days before the expected dates of state assessments;
  • Two week winter break;
  • Spring Break consistent with most area districts and higher education institutions;
  • Conclude before Memorial Day.

The adopted academic calendar has August 14 as the first day of instruction. The standard holidays are included. Professional development days during the school year are scheduled on September 25, November 6, and February 2. Students will not be in attendance on those dates, but teachers and administrators will be analyzing the latest student data and refining strategies to best meet students’ academic needs. Winter break will begin on Thursday December 21 for students and Friday, December 22 for staff, with students returning on Monday, January 8. Spring Break will be the week of Monday, March 12. Two additional days are built into the calendar in the event of bad weather, March 9 and April 6. Finally, classes will conclude on Thursday, May 24, with an expectation of graduation activities being held on Saturday, May 26.

The Board and administration believe this calendar best meets the academic needs of our students and supports our goal of academic excellence for all RISD students. The calendar will be printed and distributed this Spring to all students and staff, and is currently available online on the district’s Web site and here. Copies will be made available upon request.

Jim Nelson
Superintendent of Schools

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