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Summer School
Junior High
Summer Program
High School Acceleration
Credit Recovery for
High School
EOC Summer Program
Summer School
Secondary Summer Programs
RISD offers a variety of summer school programs to students. For questions about which summer school opportunities may be appropriate for your student, please contact your child's counselor. General summer school questions can be directed to Teresa Reinke at 469-593-7773 or

Junior High
Pre-AP Math Camp - A non-credit program to help incoming 7th and/or incoming 8th graders be prepared for Pre-AP mathematics. Registration is open to incoming 7th and/or incoming 8th graders who are registered for a Pre-AP Math course for the first time in the 2015-2016 school year.

Junior High Ignite Summer Camp
– A non-credit program designed to advance the literacy skills of students and grow the social and emotional well-being for incoming 7th, 8th and 9th grade students. Registration is limited to students identified and invited by their current school. 

Junior High SSI Summer Program – A non-credit program designed for students who were not successful on their 8th grade STAAR Reading and/or Math assessment(s). The course offers intensive and focused preparation for students in preparation for the summer STAAR re-take opportunity. 

High School
Acceleration – A program that allows current 7-12 grade students (depending on the course) the opportunity to earn high school credits outside of the traditional school year. Registration is open to all current RISD secondary students. 

Credit Recovery – A program that allows students who were unsuccessful in the traditional school year pass a high school course during the school year with the opportunity to re-take the course for credit. 

EOC Summer Program – A non-credit program designed for students who did not successfully pass a STAAR End of Course assessment. The course offers intensive and focused preparation for students in advance of the summer STAAR EOC re-take opportunity.
RISD Summer School
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