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AVID is an academic, regularly scheduled elective class, during the school day, based on writing as a tool of learning, inquiry method, and collaborative grouping. The three main components of the program are:
  • academic instruction,
  • tutorial support, and
  • motivational activities
AVID is offered in grades seven through twelve at all RISD Schools. AVID is a state approved innovative course, and students in grades nine through twelve receive an elective credit for the course each year.

Enterprise City
Enterprise City is an award-winning, nationally recognized program that resulted from the partnership of the school district and business community. Real-world experiences are awaiting students who participate in this simulation that introduces them to their future roles as producers, consumers, and citizens. Students are introduced to skills including applying for jobs, writing checks and balancing a checkbook as they purchase and sell their goods and services.

Enterprise City is located at Canyon Creek Elementary School in Richardson, Texas. The City covers 6,000 square feet of space where 16 businesses have been constructed, along with a town hall area and community center.

Environmental Studies Center
To meet the goal of curriculum support, the Environmental Studies Center provides a safe place for each student to explore scientific concepts in a natural setting through direct experience and the use of appropriate technology.

REACH addresses the needs of the gifted and talented student by offering a differentiated curriculum focusing on critical thinking, analytical thinking, creativity, and independent learning.

Those students identified as gifted and talented may attend REACH classes beginning in Kindergarten. Primary REACH classes are held in grades 1 through 3, and Intermediate REACH encompasses grades 4 through 6. Click here to learn more about REACH.

Student Assistance Programs
The RISD Student Assistance Program (S.A.P.) seeks to promote safe and drug-free schools. The S.A.P. aims to identify troubled students and connect them with the helping services available in schools or in the community.

Richardson Berkner STEM Academy
The Richardson Berkner STEM Academy is an outstanding opportunity for secondary students wishing to pursue a rigorous academic environment in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The four-year program is a small school within a school - housed at the Berkner High School campus. The highly motivated program focuses on college preparation with career awareness in those specialized fields. Click here to learn more about the Richardson Berkner STEM Academy.

Transition Program
RISD is committed to preparing all students for adult life in an inclusive and age appropriate setting. RISD Transition Program staff work in collaboration with students and their families to develop transitional plans and activities for students age 18 to 22 who have developmental disabilities. The goals of the program is to work with businesses, community leaders, the community college and adult agencies to help students graduate with a better quality of life in the areas of employment, independent living, personal recreation, adult education and community involvement.
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