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Influenza Prevention & Response
The flu, caused by the influenza virus, infects the lungs, nose, and throat. Typical flu symptoms include fever, cough and sore throat that come on suddenly. Most cases are relatively mild to moderate and do not need emergency treatment. Appropriate fluid intake, fever-reducing medication, rest and careful monitoring are recommended. People with underlying health conditions who think they have the flu should contact their health care provider.

If your child becomes ill with flu-like symptoms (fever of 100°F (38°C) or higher, plus cough and/or sore throat) , they should not come to school until the symptoms have gone, and they have been fever-free for 24 hours without the aid of fever-reducing medications such as Tylenol. Students who come to school with flu-like symptoms will be sent home. It is also important to call the school if your child misses school due to flu-like symptoms. This allows RISD to track illness data as directed by our county health department. Also, as with any absence, when your child is well and returns to school, please send a note with them to school.

Please take a moment to review the attached documents regarding hygiene, influenza prevention and care from RISD Health Services and other health authorities.

Documents for Influenza Information
All documents below are in PDF format.

December, 2014 Letter to Parents and Schools from Dallas County Health Department

December, 2014 Letter to Parents and Schools from Dallas County Health Department (Spanish)

Seasonal Flu Questions and Answers

Seasonal Flu Questions and Answers (Spanish)

How To Hand Wash

How To Hand Wash (Spanish)

Caring for someone with influenza

Caring for Someone with Influenza (Spanish)

Websites for Influenza Information
Dallas County Health and Human Services: Family Preparedness Guide

Texas Department of State Health Services: Flu Information

U.S. Government Site for H1N1 Flu Information

Spanish Seasonal Flu Site Launch

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