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Advertised Bids
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Procurement Process
Competitive Bid Law
The Richardson Independent School District, as well as all districts in the State of Texas, is governed by the state Texas Education Code 44.031. Therefore, the majority of purchasing is done via competitive bids. The purpose and intent for the competitive bidding is to help the public schools obtain the best products at the lowest practical prices by stimulating competition. Richardson ISD is committed to fair and equal competition among all vendors. In addition, the state competitive bid law does not allow favoritism to be shown to any vendor.

Vendor Registration
We request that all prospective vendors register within the Bonfire eProcurement system at This registration allows vendors to select categories, placing their company on the appropriate notification list. Please note that registration does not constitute an approved vendor status. Registered vendors will be notified as bid opportunities become available for the particular product and/or service the vendor has selected. In addition, most bids and solicitations are posted on the eProcurement website and the Purchasing Department's webpage, which may be found here:

The Richardson Independent School District encourages participation by all vendors and does not discriminate against any vendor because of race, color, national origin, age, religion, gender or handicap.

How to Submit Official Competitive Bids
Each invitation to bid that is posted contains all of the following elements:
  1. Date, time and place bid is to be opened. It is absolutely mandatory that all bids be delivered in accordance with document specifications. Bids that are received late will not be accepted.

  2. Detailed specifications
    Many times brand names and model numbers may be referenced in the bid specifications as a way of communicating minimum requirements of the District. This in no way prevents a responder from bidding alternates as RISD will always consider other manufacturers and model numbers that are equal to the original minimum specifications. However, all deviations must be stated in the bid document and the responder will be required to supply the item completely as specified. All alternates must meet or exceed the specifications in order to be considered. On all such bids, the responder shall indicate clearly the product on which it is bidding, and shall supply sufficient data, on its own letterhead, to enable an intelligent comparison to be made with the particular brand or manufacturer specified.

  3. Pre-Bid Meetings.  In some instances pre-bid meetings are a part of the solicitation process. This information is included in the bid specification package. These meetings are an opportunity for responders and RISD staff to meet, discuss the bid specifications and ask questions necessary to enable the responder to prepare their bid response. Contact between solicited responders and RISD user departments during the request for sealed bid or proposal outside of the pre-bid/pre-proposal meeting is prohibited. Any attempt by a solicited responder to contact the departments will result in disqualification.
Bid Advertisements
Notice of the time, date and location of bid openings are published in a newspaper in accordance with state bid law requirements. Any company or individual interested in obtaining a bid specification package may contact the Richardson ISD Purchasing Department, at 469-593-0573, to request a copy or review the website at the following link to download a copy of a particular bid/proposal solicitation:

Bid Opening Procedures
Bids are opened publicly and promptly on the date and at the time stated in the bid solicitation. All interested responders are welcome to attend. Once bids are opened, no changes can be made or will be accepted.

Bid Evaluation
It is the intent of the Richardson ISD to obtain the best quality materials at the lowest prices possible. The bid evaluation process will begin at the lowest bid price. If that bid meets all requirements and specifications an award will be recommended. If the lowest bid price does not meet all requirements and specifications, the next lowest responder will be considered until a valid and acceptable bid is found that meets all requirements. Bid evaluations will follow the stipulations and guidelines as outlined in Texas Education Code 44.031.

Bid Award Notification
The Richardson ISD Purchasing Department will issue all official bid award notifications following Board of Trustee approval. Award notifications from any other department or staff member of the District prior to formal approval, which occurs monthly, may not be valid information.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions
Once official award notifications are issued, and acknowledged, the District will issue authorized Purchase Orders for goods and services needed. Delivering goods and/or rendering service without an authorized PO could jeopardize the payment process. The District's complete Purchase Order Terms and Conditions may be found here: Purchase Order T&C.

Invoices and Payment Terms
By law the school district has 30 days after receipt of an invoice to present payment, and by acceptance of the Richardson ISD purchase order you have agreed to the 30 day payment policy. All invoices are to be submitted to the Richardson ISD Accounts Payable Department.

Purchasing Department
Fax 469-593-0563

Located at:
1123 S. Greenville Ave.
Richardson, Texas 75081

Hours of Operation
Mon. - Thur.: 8:00a.m. – 4:30p.m.
Friday: 8:00a.m. – 4:00p.m.
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